Best Makeup For A 60-Year-Old Woman To Look Ten Years Younger

Best Makeup For A 60-Year-Old WomanThe best makeup for a 60-year-old woman moisturizes the skin while providing the necessary color to brighten up the face. The best makeup for mature skin should not settle into fine lines which makes them even more obvious. The best makeup foundation for mature skin would be the mousse foundation. Mousse foundation is actually a crème foundation that has a whipped consistency. It generally comes in a jar, is lighter and sheerer than the powder compact Mousse foundation evens out the skin tone without appearing heavy. They blend well into the skin rather than sit on top of it, giving great coverage that appears very natural. More importantly, mousse foundations do not collect in fine lines like heavier crème formulas.

Tube concealer is ideal for mature skin. It has a creamier texture that is lighter and less likely to collect in fine lines. It is also one of the most versatile forms of concealer, providing terrific coverage. It can also be mixed with moisturizer or foundation to create a much sheerer product. It is perfect for use under the eyes because it is one of the easiest to blend.

Shimmer shadows offer great, sheer coverage so that when you sweep on the color, you can still see the skin underneath. Shimmer shadows have a subtle sheen and give a hint of sparkle. They typically won’t collect in fine lines, which makes them a perfect choice for mature skin. Light shimmer shadows work great for highlighting and bringing out recessed areas of the eyelid. Dark shimmer shadows are great for adding drama without being as harsh as deep-tone matte shades

Satin finishes fall perfectly in between matte and shimmer. It’s shinier than matte, but not nearly as shiny as a shimmer. A satin finish works well on all skin types, including mature skin.

Crème, gel and liquid blush work well for mature skin. Crème blush has a fresh dewy finish that gives the face a luminous, natural glow. It is great on dry skin because it glides easily over the surface. Apply before you powder, but do not use crème blush if you have open pores as it tends to accentuate them.

Gel blushes are made up of color pigments that are wrapped within silicone particles. It will smooth very nicely onto bare skin to create a pretty, sheer, translucent glow. Apply before you powder. Gel blush is long lasting, looks very natural, and is easy to use. You can use your fingers or a sponge to apply it, then smooth it into the skin.

Liquid blush is actually a liquid that stains the skin. It works well on all skin types. It’s applied like the gel blush, but it more difficult to work with because it must be blended quickly due to its staining quality. Liquid blush is waterproof and lasts all day. You can use either a sponge or your fingers to apply and blend it into your skin.

Crème bronzers can be used to give your face a sun-kissed glow. You can find it in the form of a stick or even in compacts. It can be applied with your fingers or a sponge. It is great on dry skin, or when you don’t want to wear foundation but want a little extra glow.

Best Makeup For A 60-Year-Old WomanCrème lipticks contain emollients and provide a full coverage of moist color. Crème lipticks are versatile, wear quite well without being dehydrating. You can consider using lip gloss for shine and moisture as well. Packaged in a wand, tube or pot, lip gloss delivers a sheer layer of color which needs frequent reapplication. When used correctly, it can make the lips look fuller and sexier. Be sure to use a lip liner to correct lip shapes as well as prevent lip color from bleeding into fine lines.

Watch the video below for a demo on how to apply makeup on mature skin and look ten years younger within minutes:


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2 Responses to Best Makeup For A 60-Year-Old Woman To Look Ten Years Younger

  1. Colette L. Olson says:

    I recently turned 61 – live in Texas and went through breast cancer, chemotherapy and radiation. I use Bare Minerals, but am finding it is beginning to look cakey. Don’t like liquid foundations, but I suppose I will if I have to do so. Can you help w/good makeup for a woman my age?

  2. healthtipsforwomen says:

    Hi Colette, you may want to try using a good moisturizer before you start putting on your makeup. You may want to try using a foundation that comes in mousse form. Apply with a moist sponge. Less is more, so avoid piling up too much powder. Just use a little for touching up and setting your makeup. At the same time, drink lots of fluid, take lots of fresh vegetables and fruits to hydrate your skin from beneath. Try these tips and let me know if you need additional help. Take care.

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